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  • What is a civic changemaker?
    More than likely, it's you. A civic changemaker is anyone who is trying to make their civic space, and their community better through any channel available to them — like finding a website like this one, and seeking answers in an FAQ. Often, civic changemakers work for local government or nonprofits. They are often elected or appointed officials of local governments or nonprofits. They can also be community volunteers or socialites or mischief makers in just about any role that allows them access to pull some strings and make things happen.
  • Why is making a change so difficult?
    Firstly, ff this were easy to answer, there would be far less problems in the world. You're not alone in wondering about this. But in short: Change is difficult because the human experience makes each of us unique. Our bureaucratic systems and even our language make it incredibly difficult to identify a shared goal, let alone how to get there. Also, capitalism. Also, inertia.
  • Why can’t we have nice things?
    First of all, we can and we do have nice things. Many of them. It’s just that we want nicer and better things. And, in our field, we see so many attempts to have better things just fall apart due to red tape, ego, and our difficulties in working together. But that's what we can start to change together — so reach out, and let's chat about getting you some nice things for a change!
  • What would a dream project be for Civic* Possible?
    Great question! A client or community who wants to try something big/different, to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world but doesn’t know where to start or how to move on all the ideas they have.
  • What kind of clients do you normally work with?
    I work with any clients that are trying to make a real difference in their community. And, often, I work with multiple adjacent organizations to help identity, coordinate, and create change — though, I also work with departments, teams, and individuals. The commonality among my clients is that they want to do something hard, that is outside of traditional work, and box checking.
  • Do you offer a free consultation?
    Absolutely! Here’s access to my calendar. I’d love to connect and talk about what’s (civic) possible!
  • Where are you located/what regions do you work in?
    I am mobile and can work anywhere.
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