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We are faced with more change, at a faster rate than any other time in human history. 


Civic* Possible exists for one reason: to help communities become more collaborative, agile, and creative in addressing opportunities and challenges that not only future-proof our communities but plant the seeds for a better society for future generations. 


We do this by amplifying the work of local governments, community organizations, and community members in making meaningful change. Our work is custom designed on the needs of our clients which often encompasses strategic planning, program design, facilitation, professional development and other services as needed.


We refuse to believe the world we live in is the best we can do. To do better requires an openness to trying new and hard things. This is not easy in the civic space. Your work is meaningful. It's also challenging. We are here to help, whether it's facilitating hard conversations, designing impactful programming, identifying the right next step, guiding teams through change, or just a brainstorming conversation.


We're in this together. Drop a line.


Jason Schneider | Principle

Jason is an altruistic mischief-maker, hell-bent on making our communities better by supporting those in the thick of it. His strength is working across disciplines, silos, and ideologies to identify opportunities and then facilitate, plan, and build collective solutions.


Before starting Civic* Possible, he’s created meaningful change in a broad range of roles and projects for over two decades. These roles include Marquette City Councillor, Alaska’s Innovation Officer, Marion County’s Economic Development Manager, Executive Director of the Marquette Chamber of Commerce, and business/organizational coach in Michigan, Tonga, Vietnam, and Australia.


Through these experiences, he’s developed a deep curiosity and skill set around civic ecosystems and a passion not only for sharing these lessons but also for helping others create meaningful change. 

Rachel Barra | Associate

With a decade of experience in growing rural entrepreneurship ecosystems and supporting the entrepreneurs and innovators within them, Rachel thrives when collaborating with people doing epic work in their communities. She has a unique blend of boots-on-the-ground experience paired with consulting for one of the nation’s largest nonprofits focused on economic development in rural America, lending to her understanding of ecosystem-building best practices  and the day-to-day grind ecosystem builders face.


In addition, her work has led her to build connections with and learn from leading communities and programs in the innovation space throughout the nation. She has explored various programs and groups in innovation hubs including Boulder, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan;  Kansas City, Missouri;  Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Bend, Oregon.

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