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I am an altruistic mischief-maker, hell-bent on making our communities better by supporting those in the thick of it. My strength is working across disciplines, silos, and ideologies to identify opportunities and then facilitate, plan, and build collective solutions.


Those working to make a difference in their communities are facing increased urgency to be more agile, creative, and proactive in their work. Whether you think you are a civic changemaker or not, you are likely experiencing the challenges of bureaucratic processes, organizational culture, and check-the-box thinking. 


Real change starts from the ground up and is created by those directly involved. No boilerplates will do. 


I've created meaningful change in a broad range of roles over two decades. These roles include Marquette City Councilor, Alaska’s Innovation Officer, Marion County’s Economic Development Manager, Executive Director of the Marquette Chamber of Commerce, and business/organizational coach in Michigan, Tonga, Vietnam, and Australia. Through these experiences, I’ve developed a deep curiosity and skill set around civic ecosystems and a passion not only for sharing these lessons but also for helping others create meaningful change. 


I refuse to believe the world we live in is the best we can do. To do better requires an openness to trying new and hard things, which is not easy in the civic space. Our work is meaningful. It's also challenging. Sometimes we just need a little help, whether it's identifying the right things to do, facilitating hard conversations, designing impactful services, guiding teams through change, or just a brainstorming conversation.


We're in this together. Drop a line.

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