Amplifying the work of civic changemakers.

*Civic \'si-vik\ adjective: of or relating to the duties or activities of people in relation to their town, city, or local area.



Civic* Possible offers custom freelance innovation support to civic change makers in local governments and nonprofits to become more agile, creative, and collaborative in meeting the evolving demands of our communities.


To meet your community and organizational needs we offer custom packages for assessment, training, coaching, and facilitation. Through working together, we will unlock and amplify you and your team’s potential.

Some examples of how you can engage with Civic* Possible

  • Pilot program design

  • Public-Private Partnership creation

  • Product development

  • Governance design & training

  • Innovation & continual improvement  training

  • Team and community facilitation

  • Leadership & innovation coaching

  • Grand program design

  • Non-profit board training

  • Governance assessment and (re)design

  • Process analysis & (re)design

  • Strategic Planning

  • Non-profit startup

  • Cross-entity mediation

  • Drafting & evaluating RFPs & SOWs


Previous partners, clients, employers, and projects.



The exponential change the world is experiencing is disrupting the civic ecosystems that support our communities. Civic leaders are challenged now more than ever to be creative and agile in meeting their community needs. 


I have faced these challenges as Alaska’s Innovation Officer, Marion County’s Economic Development Manager, and as Marquette City Commissioner, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, business owner, and business & professional coach. Armed with a background in entrepreneurship, human-centered design, behavioral insights, user experience, and government bureaucracy, I have successfully facilitated the start-up of nonprofits and public-private partnerships, designed programming, and coached leaders through the ambiguity of change.


I am an altruistic mischief-maker hell-bent on making our communities better by supporting those in the thick of it. My strength is working across disciplines, silos, and ideologies to identify opportunities, and then facilitate, plan, and build collective solutions. I believe in asking hard questions. I believe in doing hard things. I believe in learning through failure. And, I believe we’re in this together.


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